vRealize orchestrator 7.6 8.0.1 cluster fails with f5 big ip ltm ve trial edition

by Grzegorz Kulikowski

I have tried to deploy vRealize Orchestrator 7.6 and 8.0.1 in a 3 node cluster having f5 bigip ltm virtual edition in trial license. Cluster was deployed but for some reason it did not look ok . I mean it was sort of working, it’s just that sometimes it was not being able to deploy itself using deploy.sh, sometimes it did, sometimes website was not opening sometimes it did. It was taking really long to open website, for example if you had an instance of vro opened, it would take 10 seconds to load workflows, or if you would open a workflow it would take 10 seconds to open a scripting pane on a scripting task. It took me some time to understand who/what is causing this. Problem was with my f5 installation in trial.
I have redone the setup using a KEMP loadmaster later on, no issues here, although there is document that would explain how to do the LB on it for vRO, i managed to configure it and it works really nice, really fast, reliable. Later on i will try to make a video from that process as well.



cat /var/log/ltm | grep Bandwidth

tmctl -d blade tmm/if_shaper

It would be nice if VMware support would also mention about this not only in the vRA documentation. In trial edition f5 is hitting bandwidth bottleneck thus making it almost impossible for the vro cluster to operate.

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