by Grzegorz Kulikowski
Grzegorz Kulikowski

Grzegorz Kulikowski

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Hi there, my name is Grzegorz Kulikowski and i am the author of this blog I am contributing to the community since … many many years. I believe that if you take from community, it’s good to give back as well. Sharing is caring, hence this blog. Some time ago i used to also post @VMware communities I hope i will manage to find more time to make a proper posts with a lot of information, instead of just ‘notes’ in case i forget something.

I was born in 1984 , in podlasie region in Poland 😉 Truly.. beautiful place, ‘green lungs of Poland’ , and also place where they make ‘Zubrowka’ hehehe. I was fascinated by computers since my first approach to Commodore64. After some time switched to my first PC, 486 DX 40 mhz, and that’s how it all started with the I and the T. I went to high school with computer profile and later on to Academy to finish my bachelor degree in Computer science and econometrics. Soon after graduation i moved to Cracow to start my first work at enterprise IT.

Before that i was doing some php freelancing, and network / linux administration as i was the owner of ‘building network’. Not sure exactly how to translate that, but some of you remember how it was difficult, and expensive to get into the ‘internetz’ in the earlier years. That’s why some people were creating those local networks where neighbors would join, and form a network, and split the bill for internet. If not that, you were left with dial up and the good old ‘0202122’. Some people will remember this number 😉 It means trouble if it’s the end of month, and you/your parents receiving the phone bill from ‘tepsa’ … Never was this a pleasure thing hahaha.

I really enjoy sports, especially running, biking, roller blades, swimming. I used to train Kyokushinkaikan for some years when i lived in Bialystok, really nice(blue belt). Because of the Bechterew disease ( Ankylosing spondylitis / ZZSK ) i had to stop with sports for some time. I resumed sports after i have adapted to the zzsk problem, changed to clean diet, focus of sports, less stress, quit cigarettes, alcohol and finally was given the biological treatment. Nowadays i am a happy bunny, always up for sports including even gym and lifting some iron.

From hobbies, i enjoy playing guitar, geek in front on the monitor, playing games (path of exile, diablo1,2 , The Witcher, Quake 2, scripting, messing with things, homelabbing, reading s-f books, sightseeing.

At home i have built my tiny lab where i can test few things (for now 3 nucs, 10gbit, synology, er-x, edgeswitch 48). I have a plan to create distributed labs across the globe, where people can contribute on ‘bring your own lab’ basis. Besides this , i have a cat , his name is Roger, and you can see him in some posts 😉

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