vSwitch LLDP check with powershell

by Grzegorz Kulikowski

I wanted to automate a bit the query of LLDP on esxi vswitch. There are some nice posts on internet about that like https://www.provirtualzone.com/enable-lldp-in-vswitch/ for example. It explains in nice details about how this works. So lets automate this a little bit using powershell.

And we get in return nice object with lldp info.

2 0/13
4 host3 vmnic0
5 UBNT EdgeSwitch
6 EdgeSwitch 48 Lite, 1.9.2, Linux 3.6.5-03329b4a,

So the type 2 would represent switch interface, 5,6, the remote system (in my case this is edgeswitch). Its way easier to read than this 😉

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