Powershell essentials

by Grzegorz Kulikowski

I will be putting here stuff that is essential. I will be categorizing this later on. Right now i don’t have much free time to do this.

The best community i think in internet when it goes to talking/helping about powershell:



The slack/discord is connected to the ‘same chat’ its just two different applications but they are pointing to the same chat, to put it simply.

The book you should really read in my opinion, because it contains so many valuable tips and tricks, that normally would have to spend months/years to discover yourself.


https://powershellexplained.com/ this whole website is gold mine…



.where method


Why it’s pointless to use helpmessage parameter property


Powershell about:


Checking valid values for command parameter:

(Get-Command -Name Get-help).Parameters[‘Category’].Attributes.ValidValues

Checking interfaces of an object type


Be aware that there are things like PSTypenames / Psobject.typenames

Learn powershell using PSKoans.

Using PSKoans

Measure-Karma / Measure-Karma -Topic ‘The topic you are interested in’

To check current progress:


Describe : Equality
It : is a simple comparison
Expectation : Expected $true, but got $null.
Meditation : at , C:\Users\Greg-Admin\PSKoans\Introduction\AboutAssertions.Koans.ps1: line 28
28: $____ | Should -Be $true
KoansPassed : 0
TotalKoans : 682
CurrentTopic : @{Name=AboutAssertions; Completed=0; CurrentLine=28; Total=4}

Inside VS Code, there is option to display what you are typing, use the : cmd palette, toggle screen cast more.

vs code : developt toggle screencast more
vs code : developt toggle screencast more

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