How to change settings in vmware syslog collector which is already installed

by Grzegorz Kulikowski

When you have installed vmware syslog collector you probably saw that there is no ‘easy’ way to modify the setup. Setup window appears only when you are installing vmware syslog collector. This does not mean that whenever you want to amend the config you need to reinstall entire vmware syslog collector. There is vmware KB describing this :KB2021652

On the box where you have syslog collector open the file – in this example i open it from powershell console/powercli
notepad “${env:PROGRAMDATA}\VMware\VMware Syslog Collector\vmconfig-syslog.xml”
then edit settings you need like :port on which service is running, protocol, max size of 1 syslog file in MB, rotate logs after X number of files created, and even more options.

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