vrealize orchestator cluster and sending snmp traps

by Grzegorz Kulikowski

When having a vRO cluster with X nodes, one has to send snmp trap to all the vrealize orchestrator nodes. You can’t send those trap to load balancer cluster FQDN since its for example round robin there, and it might / might not work. When you have vRO cluster then once the policy for snmp is running, or a workflow listen for snmp traps is running, then this is actually taking place on 1 vRO node. If you have 3 nodes, then only 1 node is listening for snmp traps, hence we can’t send snmp traps towards vro cluster fqdn. There will be no situation where you would send 1 trap to each vro node, and each node would receive it, only 1 node is listening for traps.

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