Listing vSphere alarms actions other than SendEmail, ExecuteScript, SendSNMP

by Grzegorz Kulikowski

It’s gonna be quick one today.

If you are familiar with dell openmanage integration plugin for vSphere Virtual Center, you know that it can create custom alarms. Those alarms can be triggered, and an action will be performed. What action you might wonder ? Put host into maintenance mode. If you are wondering which alarms will do this, here it is how to quickly check this.

Before we start you should know that Get-AlarmAction supports only ‘SendEmail’, ‘ExecuteScript’, ‘SendSNMP’ , since those dell alarms have something else then that, we have to change our approach to get them.
That is our alarm defined by dell openmanage integration. We want to check the actions from it.

Getting the alarm definitions:

[sourcecode language=”powershell”]
$DellAlarmDefinitions = Get-AlarmDefinition -Name ‘Dell*’
$DellAlarmDefinitions | ? {$_.Extensiondata.Info.Action.Action.Action} |Select Name, Description


What is being checked is the Action object in the alarm definition. We inspect the view of the alarm by checking .Extensiondata:

We can also easily make a table : Alarm name | Action to be taken


Below is the source of what’s on the screenshot:
[sourcecode language=”powershell”]
($DellAlarmDefinitions | ? {$_.Extensiondata.Info.Action.Action.Action}) | Select Name, @{n=’Action’;e={$_.Extensiondata.Info.Action.Action.Action.Name}}

This might now work within Powershell v2, so make sure you are running this in v3, or modify the lines.

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