PowerCLI 5.1 Release 2 is out !

by Grzegorz Kulikowski

Great news!
New PowerCLI release is out! and…….. wait for it … wait for it…
Make sure you read release notes, few important things were mentioned:
I was counting that this will be fixed but.. not yet;)

The Location parameter of Get-Template does not accept Cluster objects.

Some of issues that could be impacting your work often(read whole release notes for full list)

If you run Get-View with the SearchRoot and ViewType parameters and specify a property path for the Property parameter, the linked view of the cmdlet output is not populated.
If a nonexisting user is specified, Get-VIEvent returns the events for all existing users.
Objects returned by Get-VIEvent contain ManagedObjectReference types that are not compatible with the Get-View cmdlet.
During the process of creating a template from a virtual machine, Get-VM returns both the virtual machine and template objects.
Set-VMGuestNetworkInterface cannot configure the DNS address correctly on Linux operating systems.

That said…
Have fun !

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